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Using Dell Truemobile 370 with Microsoft Bluetooth stack

Dell Truemobile 370 can work with the standard Microsoft provided bluetooth drivers, but the interface is not in the XP driver database AND you need a small tool to switch the interface from HID Proxy mode to HCI mode.

Here is how:

  • For XP only (not needed on windows 7): Edit the file C:\WINDOWS\INF\bth.inf with a text editor, find the section [Dell.NT.5.1] and add the following line:
    Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module=              BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8156
    Save the file and close the text editor.
  • Download dhid2hci.exe and put it in your PC (i.e. on the desktop)
  • Doubleclick on dhid2hci.exe, the card will switch to HCI mode and the driver installation should begin.
The interface will go back to HID Proxy mode every time you reset it (at reboot, when turning it off or when you put your computer in standby mode). So you should use dhid2hci.exe every time you need to use the bluetooth interface after one of these events.
Source code for mingw compiler is provided here:
If you are interested and able to develop a driver which does the same job automatically at boot and in response to PnP events, please let me know.

Giovanni Panozzo

Last update: 5 Apr 2013